Ron BeenenI am a freelance photographer and videoproducer. My passion is live music, with a preference for live (jazz) music. To capture those special moments that express the spirit of the concert. My photos are published in newspapers, websites, (online) magazines, brochures, on CD’s and DVD’s and used as publicity material for artists and festivals. In 2010 I published my 1st photobook Jazz Leeft with friend and fellow photographer Eric van Nieuwland. In november another book for the Accessibility Foundation (see below) with a lot of his material will be published. I am available for all photo-asignments like business portraits or coverage of your (business) event. Please contact me for more information.

Since 2010 I run a videobusiness together with my collegue Eric van Nieuwland through our company Dironec Media. With our company we produce promotional videos for businesses. These videos are short business presentations and multi-cam live registrations of concerts.

Besides being a photographer and videoproducer I work as a program manager for the Accessibility Foundation. The Accessibility Foundation provides education and outreach to businesses, (local) governments and other organizations concerning the accessibility of the Internet for everyone, including people with a disability. In addition, Accessibility is an accredited inspection body for evaluation of Websites for quality and accessibility following international guidelines.

All information on this website is copyrighted. If you’re interested in using any of the shown material please contact me. All rights reserved. No material may be copied or used without written permission.